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Cost Effective.

Successfully running your small to mid-sized business means staying focused on expenses. At Adaptive Results, we utilize the Open Source business model to maximize cost effectiveness for our partners. Adopted in organizations such as Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Open Source offers a comprehensive range of free application tools and database environments that allow safe and accurate data collection, management, and storage. Our skilled programmers have the experience needed to apply Open Source products for top-quality, highly customized software formats with significantly reduced final costs.


Additionally, the Open Source method means minimal or no:


  • Licensing fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Upgrade charges


Open Source doesn’t just offer budget-savvy software solutions; using this model also eliminates proprietary conditions. Our clients own their completed product, free from future vendor lock-ins and restrictions. You can partner with IT resources as needed to enhance, support, and maintain your customized database, all without limitations.


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